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    In keeping with our mission of helping students become effective users of ideas and information, the library curriculum includes instruction in the use of the library and emerging technologies.  

    Topics covered in the curriculum include:  

    • Library citizenship-book care and responsibility
    • Literature appreciation and selection
    • Location of materials in the library
    • Use of online catalog
    • Research skills using both print and non print materials
    • Responsible and safe use of the internet and online tools for the 21st century digital citizen

    Dr. Klurfield celebrates being a life-long learner.  She came to CAS in 2016 after working as a Media Specialist at Madison High School.  She holds a Doctor of Letters in Literature from Drew University, having received the Dean Pain Award for Best Interdisciplinary Dissertation.  She holds a Masters in Special Education from The College of St. Elizabeth;  a BA in English and History from Barnard College, Columbia University; and an ASLMC from NJCU.  She lives in Harding, and both of her children are graduates of Madison High School.