• Team 6A wants to celebrate some students who represent several of the characteristics of a good citizen. Those two students are selfless, respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others. These two students are honest on time and always look out for their fellow classmates. These two amazing students are......... both model students that set a positive example for their peers working hard not only for themselves, but to help their peers as well. Congratulations to Matthew Lepore and Jane Anderson for being the Team 6A Super Stars for the month of December! We are proud of you
    and all of our students who are future leaders!

    Team 6 B have the fantastic leaders of the month. Hudson Flemming and Charlotte Forrester. Both Charlotte and Hudson are wonderful role models. They truly exemplify what it means to be MJS leaders. Hudson is a polite and respectful student. Charlotte’s calm and kind manner is a positive influence for her classmates. Hudson and Charlotte are very conscientious students with an unbelievable work ethic. They have positive attitudes and always have a smile for their teachers and classmates.

    7 A is proud to announce our leaders of the month for December, Ally Hodges and Ishan Mallik. Ally Hodges is such a great role model for others around her. In just a few short months here at MJS, Ally has acclimated and risen to the top in terms of work ethic and dedication. She asks meaningful questions and cares deeply about her own progress, which sets a positive example in the classroom.
    7A is also happy to recognize the efforts of Ishan Mallik. Ishan comes to class everyday with a smile and an upbeat, can-do attitude. He stays focused during small-group and independent tasks, and he’s quick to pick up lesson content and incorporate it into his own work. Ishan always conducts himself in a respectful,
    friendly way toward others. We are so proud of Ishan and Ally’s work, and we know they will continue to work hard and be successful into the new year!

    For Team 7B Ashley Corrales is an extremely helpful and hardworking young lady. Ashley wants to make a difference in the world. She’s extremely mindful of people’s feelings and is demonstrates kindness to others. She leads by her actions.  Max Pagliaro has a calm and chill demeanor, always bringing a smile to the room. He’s a diligent worker and works well with others. Max leads by example.

    Team 8A would like to nominate Daphne Rodas and Ethan Allocca for leaders of the month. Both students are kind and considerate of their peers. They go out of their way to make sure everyone is included in group activities and are mindful of how their actions impact not only themselves but those around them. They are always respectful of their teachers and deserve to be recognized for their exemplary leadership in the classroom.

    Team 8B would like to nominate Emily Jones and Tim Garrity for leaders of the month. These students exhibit extraordinary mindfulness in the classroom by being on task, and present during every lesson. They are able to block out the distractions, and stay focused on the task at hand.