• Madison High School

    Expectation Sheet



    High School Concert Band/Wind Ensemble


    Instructor: Mr. Batsch

    Phone: 973-593-3117 ext 7190


    Office Location: Band Room A5




    Course Description :Concert Band/Wind Ensemble are a comprehensive performance based class. The Band student will focus on all areas of good practice and performance technique.  The musical styles covered may include, but are not limited to, Contemporary Works, Classical Literature, Concert Marches, Romantic Literature.  Each student will be expected to perform at all concerts.  In addition, the Concert Band Student will take part in a rotating lesson schedule which will aide in their mastery of both their instrument and the Band Literature.  Auditions for Area Band, Drew Honors Wind Ensemble and  Region I Wind Ensemble are encouraged.    Additional honors expectations will be discussed with honors students on a one on one basis.



    Required Text & Materials:  Students are required to bring a pencil, their instrument, any accessories needed (sticks, mutes, reeds etc), music and a positive attitude each day.




    Classroom Expectations : I am here for your benefit.  My job is to help you be successful!!  I expect that you come prepared each day for class.  Also, I am proud of our facility, we need to keep our room clean, and professional.  This means, your locker is kept clean and free of trash.  Only your instrument should take up residence in your locker!  Also, to keep the carpet stain free, no food or drink (except for water) is allowed in the room.  During a rehearsal, if I am on the podium there is no talking!!  It is the only way I can communicate with everyone all at once.  Your music should go back in the folder holder at the front of the room at the conclusion of each rehearsal.  If we work together, this year will be very rewarding for all of us!


     Weekly Lessons:  Weekly lessons are a required part of your band experience.  The band lessons are uploaded into Genesis and your teachers are aware of when your lessons are.  You are excused from class and expected to be in the band room for your lesson period.  The only exceptions to this rule are the following, Review, Labs, Tests or low scores in the class.


    Grading Policy: This is a performance based class.  Therefore, a lot of your grade is based on participation!  I use a point system. But here is how it breaks down percentage wise!  Lessons: 20%  Public Performances 50%  Missing a concert will SERIOUSLY affect your grade!!! Performance Evaluations/Video Assignments 15%.  Class Participation 15%

    Late Work & Make-up Policy:  Any missed lessons should be made up that week if possible during the make up lesson periods. 


    Video Assignments: Each student will be responsible for submitting 2 video assignments to Mr. Batsch each marking period as part of their Performance Evaluation grade. 


    Class Participation: Showing up ON TIME (in your seat ready to play 2 minutes after the bell rings), with your instrument and your music, listening during a rehearsal, doing your best whenever  you are in my class is all I ask to get full class participation!!


    Cell Phone Policy:  Cell phones are not allowed during instructional time unless prior permission has been granted.  Please refer to your student handbook for clarification on this policy.


    Performance Dates: These are listed on the District Calendar.  Here are the performances you are responsible for. (as of 9/1/2019)

    Holiday Parade  November 29th 2019 (all band members participate)

    Dress Rehersal Janurary 21 7-9pm

    Winter Concert Janurary 23 (snow date 1/29/2020)

    Dessert and Jazz March 21, 2020

    District Band Concert April 1, 2020

    MHS MJS Night of Jazz April 30, 2020 

    Walt Disney World Tour May 20-25, 2020

    Spring Band Concert Dress Rehersal Wednesday May 27, 2020

    Spring Concert FRIDAY May 29, 2020

    Graduation (Seniors excluded) June 19, 2019



    Teacher Availability: I am available everyday after school.  Please make an appointment with me and I would be glad to help!  Also, bring your questions to your lesson period!



    Have a Great Year!









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