• Course Objectives: 

    Within the context of history, culture, art, music, and geography of Latin American and Spain, this class will explore the formation and usage of the Spanish language. Specific focus will be placed on language learning strategies. In each lesson, students will maximize their learning through tasks related to the development of reading, writing, listening, and pronunciation skills at a graded level of difficulty and the accommodation of various learning styles. Formative assessment occurs in an ongoing manner through the oral monitoring of students’ performance, written, spoken and cultural assignments, group and individual projects, quizzes, and map work. Moreover, the ultimate goal of learning to communicate in a new language should be the ability to function in an increasingly diverse community and a demanding world market.   

    An Enduring Understanding of the course: We can learn a lot about others through the study of their language and culture, but we can also learn a lot about ourselves.


    Text and Materials: Realidades 2, Prentice Hall 


    Grading Policy: 


    Formal Assessments – All format written and oral                                                           55%

                * Tests                * Quizzes                  * Projects                     *Presentations


    Speaking and Informal Assessments                                                                                   25%

    * Class discussions      * Group discussions   * Be prepared for class                       *Unannounced quizzes

    Homework/ Participation                                                                                                     20%


    Hint: Speak Spanish and do your homework!!!!!


    Late Work and Make-Up Policy:  You are responsible for any work missed when you are absent. Students are granted 3 days to make up work for each day of excused absence. For extended absences, please contact me to make arrangements for make-up work. Please check the website on a regular basis. 

    *** Assignments turned in late will automatically be worth less. After 5 days of its due date, please speak to the teacher directly in order to make arrangments on how the work will be completed. If you know you will need an extension, please be sure to reach out to me via email before its due date. 


    Class Participation: Spanish will be used for communication in class. The use of English will result in loss of points from the participation grade.

    Classroom Expectations: 

    1) Arrive on time with Chromebook charged. Be ready to work when the bell rings! No food, please.

    2) Always respect your peers’ points of view and come in the classroom with an open mind.

    3) Be ready to challenge yourself and have fun learning more about the world while speaking Spanish! 

    Cell phone policy: All cell phones should be placed in the assigned cell phone (silenced) / headset holder as students enter the classroom unless I specifically request that students use them for a project or assignment. Please resist the urge to text during class!

    Teacher Availability: I'm usually in C-30 after school until 3. I may also be in F-43 (World Language Office) during the day.

    *****   If school is canceled for any reason (snow, etc.), the first day that we meet again for class, we will continue with our scheduled lessons, tests and quizzes.  For example, if a test is scheduled for Friday, but school is canceled for that Friday, and again canceled for both Monday and Tuesday, the test will be Wednesday.  Be prepared!!! 

    Anticipated Units of Study:



    Unit Title

    Major Vocabulary

    Major Grammar Topics


    Who are we in and outside of the classroom?




    What I Have To Do vs. What I Want To Do  




    What did you buy? 

    Personality Traits


    Extracurricular Activities









    Irregular Present Progressive 

    Irregular  Commands 


    hace + time expressions 


    Saber vs Conocer


    Indirect Object Pronouns




    A day in the life 






    What did you do yesterday? 

    Daily Routines






    Places in Town 



    Reflexive Verbs

    Preterite of regular verbs, ir/ser, 

    -car/ -gar/ -zar verbs, and hacer/poder/estar/tener/dar


    Direct Object Pronouns


    Reflexive Pronouns and Preterite of Reflexive Verbs



    Childhood Memories

    Toys and Games

    Holidays and Celebrations

    Imperfect (regular & irregular)

    Indirect Object Pronouns




    Childhood Memories



    A Disaster!

    Toys and Games

    Holidays and Celebrations


    Natural disasters


    Body parts and accidents


    Preterite Vs. Imperfect


    Preterite of oír, leer, creer, destruir 

    MP 4

    What film have you seen?




    ¡Buen Provecho!





    Cooking and recipes

    Present Perfect




    Comparatives & Superlatives

    the impersonal se