Parents - Please mark your calendar for an important but short meeting on Tuesday, March 12th at 7:30pm at the high school, most likely in the cafeteria.  We will be voting in next year's board members.
    The Marching Dodgers will be marching in the Morristown St. Patrick Day Parade on Saturday, March 9th.  This is not optional!!  The band gets paid very well for this tradition and it is a Marching Band activity.  If your child can not participate, it should be discussed with Mr. Batsch.  If they are taking the SAT's, they can still march.  They just need to let Mr. Batsch AND the Drum Majors know so they can pull their uniforms to have on the bus.   
    REPORT TIME: High School, 11am
    BRING:  Lunch, warm clothes and the usual black socks etc. for underneath uniform.
    PICK UP:  Approximately 3:30pm at the high school
    The parade begins at noon.  It is a very loooong parade.  The band is usually at the end.  We do a lot of standing around waiting in the staging parking lot until it is our turn to step off.  The buses don't stay so think about instruments and cases and coats.  Once dropped off, anything students have with them will need to "march" with them as they make their way to the buses waiting at Morristown High School where the parade ends.  (If it's cold, they will wear the raincoats... It's always cold!)    
    If kids are taking the SAT's, they can still march and we need them!!  The parking lot is behind the Morristown Municipal building near Franklin between Hamilton and Elm.  Parking will be a challenge so best to have someone drop them off.  Make sure they tell Ellie and Kendall so they can bring their uniform and instrument if needed.
    If your Marching Dodger grew a lot since the Fall, they should check in with Mr. Batsch or the Drum Majors during the week to see if they can find longer pants or to see if there can be an adjustment to the ones they have.  All pants have adjustable straps so growing an inch or so shouldn't matter.
    Hope to see everyone in the crowds cheering on the band! 
    DESSERT AND JAZZ... a commercial message!
    There are many great events going on in our schools the rest of the year.  The Dessert and Jazz event on Saturday, March 30th is one of the most important fundraisers for the MMA (Madison Music and Arts).  We strongly encourage everyone to attend this amazing evening of music and delicious desserts.  Tickets are currently on sale and sell out fast.  The MMA does incredible work to support all the music and arts programs of the entire district.  The Marching Dodgers have certainly been a benefactor of their good work.  If you haven't joined this organization yet, we strongly encourage you to do so!!  We also hope to see you on the 30th.
    That's it for now!  Go Marching Dodgers!!
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