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    Duck Pond Fall 16  Ken Lockwood Gorge
                                                                  Duck Pond Fall 2016                           Ken Lockwood Gorge Fall 2016 
    Do you love fishing?  If you do, then please share your catches on this page!   Just send a selfie with you and your catch, what you used to catch it, weight and length if you can, and what waterway you were fishing when you caught it.  Don't worry, you don't need to share your exact secret fishing hole.  
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     11/19 Fink - Using top water Rapala, pond in Harding 8/19 Gavin Finkelstein- Using top water Rapala, pond in Harding  11/23 Fink - Used white Rooster Tail, Greystone Ponds   11/16 Looking out on the South Branch of the Raritan before wading out to do some fly fishing.   
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     Aidan  Aidan  Aidan  LG Mouth  Wild Brownie
    Aidan N. -  Largemouth Bass, caught off a Kietech swimbait at Florham Park Pond   Aidan N. - Largemouth Bass, caught off a white spinnerbait at Mendham Lake  Aidan N. - Black Crappie, caught off a Kietech swimbait at Livingston Park pond   Jordan O. - Largemouth Bass, caught off a jig at Madison Pond  Fink - 1/15/17 - South Branch Raritan River off Gold Spinner               
    Del  Pickeral E.C Chet  fish
     Del L Del L
    Emily C off of Point Pleasant
    Chet H 60 miles off coast of Point Pleastant 
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