• 1:1 Chromebook Initiative Overview

    To provide students with universal access to digital technology so that students can develop the skills necessary to manage their own learning in an ever-increasing world.
    Technology is an essential tool for teaching and learning that supports the shift in learning:
    - From teacher to student control
    - More personalized learning environment
    - From contrived to authentic creation and sharing of outcomes
    - From covering curriculum to discovering it
    The Implementation Team (2015-2016)
    Along with the district technology staff and administrators, the following staff members took an active role in implementing our 1:1 program during the 2015-2016 school year.
    Kristina Nicosia (2015-2016) - Technology Implementation Specialist
    GAFE Teacher Leaders 2015-2016
    Central Avenue School
    Anthony Cyrana
    Caitlin Manley
    Megan Petersen
    Jennifer Tu
    Kings Road School
    Rebecca Sullivan
    Torey J. Sabatini School
    Tina Smith
    Kathleen Wallace
    Junior School
    Kelly Bosworth
    Richard Bradshaw
    Stephen Finkelstein
    Nancy Hill
    Erik Lih
    Sara Reichel
    Elizabeth Rosica
    Elizabeth Troullos
    High School
    Kevin Braine
    Joseph Cecala
    Jennifer Freeman
    Bob Grundfest
    Dawn Kanaszka
    Pamela Klurfield
    Luis Largo
    Suzanne Monkemeier
    Douglas Oswin