• Terms and Conditions of the Device Agreement 

    The parent(s)/guardian(s) of all students may choose to enroll in a voluntary Chromebook Protection Plan to help cover the cost if the device is accidentally broken or damaged. Click here for more information about fees for Junior School Students. Click here for more information about fees for High School Students.
    While there is no cost for the use of the Chromebook, it is imperative that each Chromebook that is issued to a student be maintained and handled in a responsible way. If the Protection Plan is not taken, the parent/guardian will be responsible to pay the total cost of whatever repairs are deemed necessary. If the device's damage is determined to be beyond repair, the charge may be the full replacement cost. 
    The Protection Plan safeguards you against accidental damage, such as unintentional liquid spills, drops, falls and/or other collisions. 
    Types of Damage
    Examples of Damage Covered
    Unintentional liquid spill damage Damage from spilled drinks 
    Unintentional breakage Power cord or USB port connectors 
    Drops or falls Cracked LCD screen
    The protection plan does not cover misuse, neglect, misplacements/loss, or intentional damage. The parent/guardian will be responsible for the entire cost of repairs or replacement of computing devices damaged through student misuse, neglect, intentional damage or loss. In case of theft, an official police report will be required. Multiple damage events may not be covered by this policy (more than 2 damages in one year may be deemed neglect and not covered by this agreement). 
    It is highly recommended that parents/guardians take advantage of this opportunity. To enroll, please complete the form and send both the completed form and payment to your child's school (specific instructions are provided on the document). 

    If you choose to not enroll in the district protection plan, below is a list of charges that will be billed for lost or damaged Chromebooks.
    Replacement/Fines Charges:
    • ChromeBook: $365.00
    • ChromeBook Case: $20.00
    • ChromeBook Charger: $47.00
    • Major Parts Replacement/Damage $90.00*
    • Minor Parts Replacement/Damage $50.00*
    • Total Replacement Cost: $385.00 
    • Other Damage will be quoted by Tech Dept. and assigned a fine amount  

    *NOTE: Final assessment of damage and fines will be determined by the Technology Department.