• MHS PTSO Gaming License

    1.) Any group wishing to use the Madison High School PTSO gaming license must give at least six (6) weeks written notice to the PTSO and all requests are required on the PTSO Gaming Request form.

    2.) The Madison High School PTSO executive board reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse to allow any other group to use their gaming license.
    3.) The group wishing to use the gaming license is responsible for following the procedure outlined by the municipality where the event that the raffle winner will be named is held.
    4.) Upon PTSO approval of use of the license, it is the responsibility of the group to secure the required forms from the municipality clerks’ office and return said completed forms with the request form to the PTSO allowing time for review prior to submission.
    5.) If a gaming license is approved by the municipality and NJ, the PTSO will receive all approved licenses and forward to the requesting group establishing a post event meeting. All proceeds from a fundraiser for which the PTSO gaming license was used must be deposited in the MHS PTSO treasury for reporting purposes.
    6.) At the post event meeting: all proceeds related to the raffle, raffle reports required (including all expenses related to the raffle) will be transferred from the requesting group to the PTSO. The PTSO will mail all reports. A check will be issued to the group from the PTSO only after all required paperwork has been submitted and all expenses (including mailing costs) have been accounted for.