• What a great sing-a-long we had today!  Thanks again to Mr. Dan Malloy and all the students for working so hard to prepare.  On behalf of the entire Torey J. faculty and staff, we would like to thank you for supporting us and wish you all a peaceful and safe holiday season.
    Kindergarten registration will begin in January.  Please refer to the attachment.  Any child turning five on or before October 1, 2018 is eligible to register for kindergarten.  
    Calendar Reminders:
    Winter Recess:  December 23rd - January 1st.  Schools reopen, Tuesday, January 2nd.
    Board of Education Meeting:  Tuesday, January 4th (re-organization), MHS Media Center, 7:30 P.M.
    Early Dismissal:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 15th, 12:45 P.M.  Pizza will be served if pre-ordered through the TJS PTO.  AM Kindergarten, 8:40 10:30; PM Kindergarten, 10:40 - 12:45
    PTO Reminders:
    The PTO Needs YOU for Lunch/Recess Duty! Volunteering for recess or lunch duty is a great way to become involved at TJS and help all students have a safe lunch period.  We recognize it's difficult to stop what you are doing in the middle of the day, but your presence is appreciated! The added eyes provide greater supervision and allow for extra sets of hands, in the event a teacher needs to escort a student to the building. 

    It is extremely helpful to have extra volunteers serve as a referee for ball games such as soccer, basketball, and kickball. Added adult supervision helps ensure the game rules are followed in a fair manner.  While this is a fun time for play, students do need reminders to practice respectful and safe behavior.  Teachers are available to deal with any behavioral issues that may arise, but you can help us make sure safe play is happening at all times.  Students often need to be reminded to use an appropriate level of competitive spirit which is consistent with recess. 

    We hope you'll consider volunteering soon! To sign up, click here, or email tjspto.lunchrecessvolunteers@gmail.com.
    Message from Dr. Lou Caruso, MJS Principal:
    ​Please review the attachment "Ryan's Story," a parent program focused on bullying and teen suicide that will be taking place at Madison Junior School on January 16th.  ​
    Sorry to end the message on a down note, but just wanted to get it on your radar screen.  Parents of students all ages may want to attend.  It's a great program.  (MJS has a fancy new library, too!)