Please bring supplies with you to the Central Avenue School Open Hour on August 29 from 2:00-3:00. Keep in mind that some supplies will go directly into your child's supply box and some will be kept in a shared bin for any child to use as items need to be replenished.

    • 1 red plastic pocket folder labeled with your child's first and last name in the upper right hand corner (This folder will be used to transport any paperwork as it travels back and forth from school to home in your child's backpack.) 

    • 1 small supply storage container labeled with your child's first and last name. Please fill the supply box with 2 sharpened pencils, 1 box of crayons (triangular crayons are best for promoting proper grip habits), 1 eraser, 1 fine black dry erase marker, small sock or scrap of fabric to be used as a dry erase marker eraser, 1 child's scissors, 1 glue stick.
    • 1 legal size poly envelope with velcro closure labeled wtih your child's name (will be used to hold reading books)

    • Smock  - old, oversized t-shirt is fine, label with a name

    • Headphones - labeled with your child's name
    • Family photo - to be hung near your child's hook
    • Beach towel labeled with your child's name to be used for relaxation during read aloud. Towels will be sent home on Fridays in your child's backpack for washing and can be returned on Mondays.

    Upon arrival, please place the following items in the corresponding shared bin:

    • 1 extra box of crayons (triangular crayons are highly recommended)

    • 3 fine black dry erase markers 

    • 3 glue sticks 

    • 2 mini liquid glue bottles