• Homework Assignments


    I evaluate how each student is progressing every day.  Grades will be based upon daily work, assignments, tests, quizzes, group work, participation, and teacher observation.  Grades will be issued based on the Madison School District guidelines:

    4= Exceeds Standard


    2= Progress toward Meeting Standard

    1= Limited Progress toward Meeting the Standard


    Tests will be graded and sent home on Fridays in "Friday Folders".  The folders contain a signature page that will need to be dated, signed, and returned to school along with the tests by the following Monday. 



    Homework is a very important tool that not only reviews and reinforces concepts covered in class, but also teaches responsibility.  Your child is expected to complete assigned homework on a daily basis. Typically, students are assigned a math page every night and 2 spelling activities per week. Your child will also be expected to read independently for 30 minutes every night and complete a short reading response. Daily attention to homework is essential for success! It is important that students be held responsible for completing and turning in their homework assignments. Parents can help by encouraging students to reserve time for completion of all homework assignments.

    In the event that your child forgets a homework assignment, he or she will be given a missing homework assignment notice.  This will be sent home to be signed and returned the next day with the missing homework.  If a child misses four homework assignments in any one subject within a trimester, his/her grade will be affected.

    If a student is absent for more than one day, parents should try to secure assignments from the teacher.  Parents/students may contact Mrs. Delaney at any time to request homework assignments.  Such assignments will be provided only for those students who are absent because of illness.

Last Modified on August 27, 2019