• Birthday Celebrations



    Your child will enjoy their very special day in 3D! 

    Although you are NOT permitted to send in any food treats for celebrations, your child can celebrate their birthday in any or all of the following ways:

    • You or another special person in your child's life are welcome to come in and read a book to the class.  
    • Send in a non-food treat for the class (we have 21 students and you are welcome to send in a prize for each...suggestions are pencils, stickers, erasers...)
    • Donate a book to our class library- write an inscription so we know that the book is a special gift from you!

    We will sing "Happy Birthday" as a class to your child and your child will receive a bookmark and a birthday pencil.

    *If you would like to come in and read to the class, please email me the week before your child's birthday so we can coordinate a convenient time. Email: duriek@madisonnjps.org



Last Modified on August 21, 2019