• Important Information


    Please send in 2 healthy, nut free snacks for your child to

    enjoy in the morning and afternoon as well as a labeled water bottle :)


    We will celebrate every student's birthday with a Happy Birthday song and game. 

    As part of school policy, no food items can be sent in to school. If you'd like you can create non-food

    goodie bags to distribute to every student in class. Parents can also reach out to me to set up a time

    to read to the class on their child's birthday. 

    Accident Bags

    Please be sure to place a change of clothes in a labeled ZipLock bag in your child's 

    backpack. We will keep the clothes in their backpack in case of accidents. 

    Quiet Time 

    Quiet time takes place after lunch and recess. Students will be given the opportunity to 

    calm down and rest to prepare for the afternoon. Students should bring in a labeled beach

    towel to lay on if they'd like during quiet time. Towels will be sent home for washing

    every Friday and should be returned on Monday.