• Resource Room
    • This class will help students develop executive functioning strategies and metacognitive awareness
    • What are executive funtioning strategies?
      • Strategies for managing school work
      • Goal setting
      • Thinking flexibly
      • Time management: organizing and prioritizing
      • Self-monitoring and checking
    • What is metacognitive awareness?
      • Understanding how YOU think and learn
    Daily Routine
    • Update your agenda by adding homework, tests, quizzes, projects, and any other assignments
    • Your agenda will be checked everyday for accuracy
    • Update your monthly calendar when a new quiz, test, or project is assigned


    Organizing Your Binders

    • One large (all day) binder or two small (AM and PM) binders are needed
    • Four folders are needed, one for each core class
    • Keep a hole-punched pencil case with supplies for your classes in each of your binders
    • Keep lose-leaf paper in each of your binders


    How I Will Help You

    • I will:
      • Help you stay organized for all of your classes
      • Pre-teach or re-teach concepts from your core classes
      • Teach you ways to study and create study devices (flashcards, study guides, study games, etc.)
      • Help you work on class projects
      • Help you manage your time
      • Encourage you to use your time wisely


    Helpful Hints

    • Always keep papers in their correct binder
    • Only put papers that are not hole-punched in the folders
    • Keep your monthly calendar updated
    • When a teacher directs you to clean out a section of the binder, take the papers home and file them away
      • Do not throw the papers out, you may need them for future assignments


    Tips for Organizing at Home

    • Create a homework/study area with supplies
    • Have one folder for each core subject to save your papers that you bring home from school