If you have a change in plans for your child's safe return home, whether it be that they are not taking the bus and you are picking them up, they are going home with a play date, or any other change of plans that are different from their set plan for dismissal, please email me and Joanne Empson (empsonj@madisonnjps.org) with this information as soon as possible.


    All classroom birthday celebrations must be arranged with me a week in advance.  No birthday treats or activities involving food are allowed.  The birthday student may choose a favorite activity, have an adult come in to read or do a short game or craft, or an additional indoor or outdoor recess (weather permitting.)  This should be no longer than 15 minutes. 

    *Pictures are not allowed to be taken while in the classroom.
    *Please do not send in invitations for parties to be distributed at school.
    *Teachers are not permitted to distribute class lists.