Please make sure your child has a healthy snack each day. Snack will be in the afternoon.
    Please have your child pack their snack separate from their lunch in a labeled bag. 
    Snack is kept in a separate place from their lunches. Make sure they have everything they need for their snack such as a spoon as we do not have these in the classroom.  Students are NOT allowed to share snacks and it is district policy that we are unable to provide a snack for anyone who has forgotten theirs. 
    Lunch Procedures
    Your child may choose to bring or buy a lunch each day.
    If he/she chooses to bring a lunch, a lunchbox works best.  We keep the lunchboxes in a bin in our classroom until lunchtime.
    Buying Lunch
    Please head over to the CAS page and click on "LUNCH MENU".  You can then select "Cafeteria Online Payment Feature".  This will allow you to set up an account for your child so that you can put money in at any time.  You will be given your child's ID# to help you do this.
    If you prefer to send in cash please put your money in an envelope and label it this way every time:
    Child's First and Last Name
    Lunch Money or Lunch Only-No Snacks


    Your child may bring a water bottle to school everyday. Please be sure it is labeled with their name. 


    We are a NUT-FREE classroom. Please check the label of all prepackaged food to be sure they do not contain nuts!



Last Modified on August 22, 2019