Madison High School

    Global Marketing

     Course Overview

    Marketing is present in all we do and influences all aspects of our daily life.  From the cereal we eat, to the clothes we wear  to the cars  we  drive, marketing has a profound impact  on the world we  live  in.  Global  Marketing will introduce students to all aspects of marketing including; product, promotion,  advertising, distribution and sales and  the  role these  aspects  play in the global economy. Students will be exposed to career  opportunities in marketing and this course will be particularly valuable to students considering majoring in business, marketing, advertising or public relations in college.

    This  course will provide  students with an understanding of the importance of marketing in our free economic system and its effects in the global society.  Students will learn various marketing principles and practices including; market segmentation, pricing, merchandising and advertising, and how these principles affect consumer behavior and decision making.


    Evaluations may include:

    Case Study Analysis

    Tests & Quizzes

    Debate: In-Class Discussions

    Students Presentations/Projects


    Required Resource

    Text: Glencoe: Marketing Essentials 

    Course Expectation Sheet