Meets BCD days

  • Essential Question: What challenges does the student face at home, school, community, and workplace? This course is designed to provide the opportunity to develop skills and a foundation of knowledge in order to be as independent as possible. 



    All students should:

    come to class on time.


    complete their homework.

    give their best effort in all activities.




    1. Kitchen, Safety and Sanitation, Using Appropriate Equipment


    2. Community Signs/Transportation


    3. Personal Information and Pre-Employment Skills


    4. Hygiene and Your Best Self


    Ongoing: Social Skills


    Homework given every weekend and on an as needed basis.  Students will be instructed to write it down wherever they keep track of assignments.


    Every weekend:

    Weekend report to be complete for first class the following week.  Template to be filled in or a minimum of 3 sentences summarizing the weekend.


    Community Based Instruction:

    Various trips planned throughout year so concepts taught during class can be generalized in the community


    Activities of Daily Living:

    Once a month, a class period will be designated as ADL for students to perform specific skills using task analysis. They may be asked to carry these tasks over at home.