• Orchestra Contract 2019-2020

    I, __________________, have chosen to become a member of the KRS Orchestra.  I enjoy playing my instrument and will do my best to contribute positively to the success of the Orchestra.  Because I am an important member of the group, I agree to demonstrate the following skills to the best of my ability:


    • I will cooperate with other members of the group to achieve our goals.


    • I will work hard to be the best that I can be. I will exhibit appropriate behavior during rehearsals and performances.


    • I will be responsible and bring my instrument, music, and a pencil to every rehearsal.


    • I will be punctual (arriving after 8:20am will be counted as an absence) and attend all rehearsals and performances.  If it necessary to miss a rehearsal, my parents will contact Mrs. Quinlan and inform her of my absence.  quinlanl@madisonnjps.org.


    • I understand that if I accumulate more than 4 unexcused absences from Orchestra then I will not be able to perform in the concert.

    I agree to attend our concerts dressed in proper concert attire (Madison tee shirt or white shirt, black pants/skirt)


    If any questions or concerns should arise, I will speak with Mrs. Quinlan.  Together we will find a solution.

    ______________________        ____________________ _______________

    Student                                        Parent/Guardian Date


    Mrs. Quinlan