The purpose of an article assignment is to identify additional information or trends related to driver education topics and the goal is to further enhance your understanding of the topics presented in class. 

     The first step of the assignment is to locate an article related to an assigned topic on the internet.  Driver education topics include:  Components of the Highway Transportation System,  Traffic Signs and Signals, Car Controls and Devices and Decision Making.  After locating an appropriate article, you will bring the article to class.  On a separate sheet of paper, you will need to include the following information:

     Name and class period

    Title of the article

    Summary of the article

    Opinion/reaction to the information presented in the article.

     You must staple your write up on top of your printed article.  Articles are worth 50 points and are due on the announced due dates.  No article will be accepted past the class period on the due date unless you are absent from school.  If you are absent, it is expected to be turned in the next day you are back in class.  Articles one day late will receive a 25 point deduction.  Articles two days late will be scored a ZERO.  Articles will be TYPED and NO EMAILS will be accepted. 

     Grading for the Article Assignment (50 total points)

    Copy of article = 10 points

    Summary of article = 15 points

    Opinion/Reaction = 15 points

    Following Format = 10 points 

    Format deductions can be for not including your name, off topic, too brief, not typed, not stapled and late.

    Topic announcements.           

    Assignment #1 (Components of the Highway Transportation System)                   

    Assignment #2 (Traffic Signs and Signals)                                        

    Assignment #3 (Car Controls and Devices)                     

    Assignment #4 (Decision Making/Road Rage/Distracted Driving)      

Last Modified on August 30, 2019