The coaching staff believes being a member of an interscholastic competitive athletic team, regardless of time spent in actual competition, provides an opportunity for our student athletes to learn many valuable lessons in commitment, citizenship, sportsmanship and life. Student athletes learn how to work together to meet team goals, understand responsibility and commitment to their team and school. They also gain insight into placing team above self, learning to accept constructive criticism, respecting others, winning and losing with dignity, self-control and being responsible for their actions.

    One of the main goals of our football program is to put our most committed, responsible and talented athletes of the team in competition to win the contest. Starting positions and playing time are not guaranteed to seniors or anyone else. Each member of the team is very valuable to the team’s overall progress. Some members may play a great deal of time in a contest while others may not see what a parent would consider significant playing time. There will be athletes on the team that start the game, but this role is not guaranteed every game. The football coaches will strategically play the best players during particular portions of a game or in particular situations, so the team has the best chance of winning. Our coaching staff has a very short time to make personnel decisions and we will use our expertise to make the best decisions possible. We remind parents and athletes that coaching decisions are made for the good of the team as a whole and for the future of the program, not just for the results of a single game or for the benefit of a single individual.

    When everyone feels that their role is an integral part of the program’s success; their efforts will increase and the program will benefit. Benefits will be measured in terms of games and championships won, college placement or a building of players’ self-esteem and self-actualization from their affiliation with the team and program. We look forward to working with the players, parents and community toward making the football program a sense of pride for everyone involved.

Last Modified on March 11, 2012