All athletes are subject to the NJSIAA, Conference and School Rules and Regulations.


    Every athlete MUST have a physical before practicing, either one offered by the school or by a private doctor.  All Physical forms are located in the Nurse’s Office.  All injuries must be reported to the coach, Athletic Trainer and School Nurse.  An injured athlete, who is excused from participation by a doctor, may not re-enter the sport unless he presents a doctor’s release to the Athletic Trainer, Nurse or Coach.


    Equipment issued to the athlete must be returned to the school.  Lost articles must be paid for by the athlete.


    A suspended athlete may not practice nor participate.  An athlete absent from school may not practice or play unless he is previously excused by the school administration.  Athletes who are sick must call the Coach, NOT THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT.  Athletes who cannot practice due to illness MUST ATTEND practice unless deemed unable to attend by the coaching staff or doctor/nurse.  The purpose of this is to learn by watching drills, team sessions or film.   


    Attendance and punctuality is a must at all meetings, practices and workouts.  Anything less shows a lack of respect toward your teammates and coaches.  You will be treated accordingly for violations of team policy.  Practice is important so participants are expected to be there.  Chronic violators will be dropped from the team.  Medical and family emergencies, when communicated to the coaching staff, are the only excuses for missing a practice, game or scrimmage.


    To maintain discipline, fairness and order on our team, we will follow a three strike system.  


    STRIKE ONE results in the loss of playing time equaling 1 or 2 games.  STRIKE TWO results in the loss of playing time from 2 additional games.  STRIKE THREE results in the dismissal from the team and the forfeiture of all awards and privileges shared by team members including but not limited to:  letters, certificates, awards, jackets, rings and recognition.


    Offenses considered worthy of receiving reminders/strikes are:

    An unexcused absence from practice

    Continued unexcused lateness to practice

    Continued absences from practices/games (excused or unexcused)

    Open defiance/disrespect shown to coaches/administration


    Disruptive behavior during a practice or game

    Cell phone use during meetings/weight room

    Blatant lack of effort/participation during practice/in-season weight room

    The use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco (on or off school property)

    Any behavior or conduct deemed by the coaching staff to be detrimental to the program.


    Athletes in training must maintain a high level of fitness, so the use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol is prohibited.  Any athlete who is reported and punished (in-season and off-season) by law enforcement for being at a party/gathering with drugs or alcohol present and/or consumed will be immediately placed on STRIKE ONE by the football program.     


    The Madison Football coaching staff supports any disciplinary procedure set by the Madison’s Board of Education, Superintendent, Principal, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director.  Our ultimate goal is to foster a safe and healthy environment for our student-athletes.



    Football is a privilege.  Athletes are expected to obey school rules, exhibit good sportsmanship, and present a positive image of the school and community.  Be respectful of teammates and coaches.  Give respect and you will get it.  Respect is earned.  Show your commitment to a championship team.

Last Modified on April 10, 2017