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    Mr. Fisher

    Madison High School Mathematics

    2019 - 2020 School Year


     I. Course Description:


    Honors Precalculus is a full year high school course designed to meet all of the Common Core State Standards for New Jersey:

    Students will begin the year with a brief review of concepts essential to advanced algebra problem-solving skills. Students explore such topics as functions and their graphs, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, analytical trigonometry, systems of equations and inequalities, matrices and determinants, sequences and series, probability, and analytical geometry. Honors Precalculus is the first of a two year sequence of mathematics courses: Honors Precalculus, AP Calculus.


     II. Required Text & Materials:


    • Precalculus(Glencoe)
    • A Notebook
    • A Folder for Tests, Quizzes, and Other Graded Materials
    • Chromebook
    • A Graphing Calculator(TI-84 Recommended)
    • A Pencil


     III. Grading Policy


    All students in our Honors Precalculus class are required to maintain a grade sheet each marking period.  A copy of the grade sheet is provided on my webpage.


    All quizzes and tests are graded and returned to the student. The student then records each grade on her/his grade sheet.


    Each student is responsible for calculating her/his grade about one time a week during class. Then, each student checks the parent portal to verify her/his current average.


    Students can also follow the directions on the front of the sheet if he/she wants to calculate her/his current grade.


    Thank you. 


    IV. Late work & Make-up Policy


    Late work will only be accepted for an excused absence or excused tardy.  Please provide the work the day you return to class.  If you miss class, you are responsible for getting the assignments from our Google Classroom. If you are absent on the day of a test/quiz, please be prepared to make up the quiz upon your return during your study hall or during class time.  If you know of a planned absence in advance, please see me for the missing assignment(s) for that time period. For extended absences, you will be given 2 days for every day you are absent to make up missed work.


    V. Class Participation


    • Homework is assigned daily and time is given to address questions if necessary. A surprise homework quiz may follow and these quizzes occur on average once every two weeks.
    • Unit quizzes and tests are announced one week before taking place.


    VI. Classroom Expectations


                      All students enjoy . . .


                            . . . being prepared.


                            . . . being respectful.


                            . . . being prompt.


                            . . . following directions.


                Thanks and have a great day!


    VII. Teacher Availability


    In addition to my tutorial periods during A-Day Lunch and C-Day during period 1, as well as D-Day during lunch, I am available for extra help every day after school except Monday in room C28.






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