• Algebra 1 2018-2019

    Ms. Sarah Mundhenk



    All homework and announcements will be done through Google Classroom:

    Period 1 - vwfmf5

    Period 7 - c5xqftd


    Online textbook and homework can be located on the Big Ideas Website:

    Go to Bigideasmath.com.  At the bottom, click "new to big ideas math" and enter your class code below carefully.

    Period 1 - MEB2-Z538-ZRZ4

    Period 7 - 2KHD-4H5Y-3GXT



    Course Description: Algebra 1 will continue your study of patterns and relationships, formalizing your knowledge, learning to use symbolic notation and connecting your understandings to the real world.  Units of study will include linear equations and inequalities, linear, absolute value, quadratic and exponential functions, systems of equations and inequalities, polynomials, radicals, and data analysis.  The curriculum is aligned the the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and encourages all learners to take an active part in meeting the standards for mathematical practices.



    Frequently Asked Questions:


    Q: What materials are required for this class?

    A: - TI graphing calculator (you can rent one from the school, just fill out the form!)

    -Three ring binder with tabs and paper

    - A pencil

    - CHARGED chromebook

    - Log-ins for your textbook and Google Classroom


    Q: How am I expected to come into the classroom?

    A: You should come into the classroom with all of your materials.  Be seated when the bell rings and begin on any warm ups that are posted.


    Q: What is allowed in this classroom?

    A: There are no hats or food allowed in this classroom. Your phones are to be placed in the organizer during the entire class unless told otherwise. 


    Q: What is the process for make-up work?

    A: You should come back from an absent day already knowing what you missed from checking Google Classroom. Get the notes from the website and have a classmate explain them or ask a teacher during tutorial. 

    Homework that was due the day you were absent should be shown to the teacher when you come back. 

    You are required to take a test/quiz on the day you return, unless we learned something new. If you have an extenuating circumstance see me as soon as possible. Tests can be made up with me after school or with a math teacher during tutorial, but you must let me know your plan!


    Q: How does homework need to be done and how is it graded?

    A: Homework needs to be completed with all work shown. If odd answers are assigned, please check your answer in the back of the book. Homework will be checked for completion with 2 points if you show great effort by doing all problems and showing your work!


    Q: How can I participate in class?

    A: Being an active member of group work, volunteering to put your work on the whiteboard, and raising your hand are all great opportunities to participate in class. It is expected that you put a great effort into each class :)


    Q: How is my grade calculated?

    A: Your grade is determined by homework (10%) and classwork, tests, quizzes, projects (all 90%) and extra credit. Please check your grade online frequently


    Q: How do I get extra help?

    A: There is math Tutorial in every period in the back room of the Media Center AND during lunch. I will also be after school in room C16 Tuesday-Thursday. Your classmates can also be a great help!!


    Work Hard

    Be Kind