Course Expectations

  • Course Code (Google Classroom): 

    French 3 Period 4: n2q5fm

    French 3 Period 5: oqlmma 

    Instructor: Bénédicte Thieberger-Kittinger

    Phone: TBD


    Web Page: From the Madison High School webpage, select Teachers, select Thieberger-Kittinger

    World Languages Office Location: F-43

    Classroom: Period 4 in C-30 and Period 5 in F-47



    Course Description: 

    French 3 is open to freshmen who have been recommended for this level as well as to those who have completed French 2.  French 3 students are expected to move quickly to acquire the vocabulary and structures necessary to communicate about a number of topics including personal identity, food and nutrition, cultural activities, sports, life at home, life at school, technology, nature, health and fitness.  There is great emphasis placed on using the past tenses: passé composé and the imparfait as well as the future.  Other functions include object, reflexive, and relative pronouns. 

    Textbook is Bien Dit 2 (Holt Reinhart Winston)

    Materials: Please bring the following materials to class every day.

    Binder with loose leaf paper or notebook and folder
    Pens and pencils
    Chrome book

    Classroom Guidelines and Procedures:

    Please treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.
    Please enter quietly. Start working on the Do Now when the bell rings.
    Please place cell phones (silenced) in the assigned cell phone holder as you enter the classroom or leave them in your backpacks. Chromebooks are to be used in specific circumstances. Unless you have an Individualized Education Plan, you are to use the chromebooks only when asked by the teacher. Notes are done by hand.
    Be responsible and hand in assigned work in a timely manner. If you are having an issue with a project, please let me know ahead of time. Do NOT wait until the day before the project is due; I will not make exceptions.
    This is a total immersion classroom. No English is permitted.
    Please follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the Madison High School student handbook.

    Grading Policy:

    Assignments include tests, quizzes, listening assessments, oral assessments, projects, written assessments, homework, in-class assignments, and integrated performance assessments. Grade breakdown is as follows:

    Homework: 10%

    Participation (using French at all times, do nows, participating in all individual/pair/group work...): 15%

    Quizzes: 20%

    Projects: 25%

    Tests: 30%


    Classes will communicate primarily through google classroom. I will provide you with an access code, granting you entry to the class. Students are responsible to check daily for homework assignmentsand/or other information pertaining to our class.

    Late Work and Make-up Policy:

    No late work will be accepted unless handed in after an excused absence. Make-up work may be handed in one day late per each day absent. You will be given sufficient time and notification to complete both of your homework assignments and projects by their designated due dates.

    If you are absent or happen to miss a class for any reason, it is YOUR responsibility to check your google classroom for any missed materials. Please check in with me for any missed notes or tests/quizzes. Failure to make up a test or quiz will result in a zero.

    Class Participation: Students will be expected to use French in class. The use of English will result in loss of participation points. A positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and daily preparation are also important parts of your class participation grade. Students are expected to be present and participate each day.

    Teacher Availability: I am available for extra help on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school until 3:35 pm. I am also available before school and after school by appointment. You can find me in the World Language Office (F-43).