• Parent Page Information

    Parent Page space will be allotted on a “first come first served” basis. All materials must be received to reserve space. MONEY WITHOUT MATERIAL DOES NOT RESERVE SPACE.


    The Ad page deadline is
    November 19, 2019.

    Pages received by November 19, 2019:   
    A. 1/4 page - $125    B. 1/2 page - $200    C. Full page - $325

    Pages received by December 6, 2019:   
    A. 1/4 page - $150    B. 1/2 page - $225    C. Full page - $350

    Ad Sizes:  
         Full Page:  

         8.5 inches wide  X 11 inches tall -  Max. 10 pictures with type

         1/2 Page:   

         8.5 inches wide  X  5.5 inches tall -   Max. 6 pictures with type

         1/4 Page:   
         4.25 inches wide  X 5.5 inches tall - Max. 2 pictures with type

    No Ad pages will be accepted after
    Friday, December 6, 2019.
    Send your materials early before space runs out.


    • Do not cut photos (Just indicate the part that you want) 
    • Only submit clear photos - Digital photos must be high resolution – please send the largest file size you have as ATTACHMENTS to email.
      DO NOT embed pictures in a word document for submission. 
    • Prints from a home ink jet printer and low resolution photos of any type are NOT ACCEPTED. 
    • Please print out the text AND email text to brattond@madisonnjps.org to insure accuracy. 
    • Give us a sketch of what you want or just let us design it for you. 
    • You may submit high resolution digitally prepared ads as .pdf, .jpg, .tif or .eps. 
    • Follow-up on your order via email to be sure that it was received.
Last Modified on October 2, 2019