Make Up Work and Extra Help

    If you miss a class (whether from ilnness, lessons, etc.) it is your responibility to come set a appointment to make up the lesson.
    I am available everyday early morning as well as after school.  Students can come to during lunch on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. 
    You can access electronic copies of what you missed either on my website (Notebook Tab) or in class , I have hard copies that are in the daily folder next 
    to the Table of Contents bulletin board. 


    If you are seeking some extra help I will be available during the following times:

    Monday: 7:15- 7:42 AM or 2:43-3:00 PM

    Tuesday: 7:15- 7:42 AM or 2:43-3:00 PM

    Wednesday:7:15- 7:42 AM or  2:43-3:00 PM

    Thursday:7:15- 7:42 AM or  2:43-3:00 PM

    Friday:7:15- 7:42 AM or  2:43-3:00 PM 

    Once the volleyball season is finished, I will be available for longer time after school. Please be sure to make a appointment with me!

    If these times do not fit your schedule we can discuss makign an appointment for another

    date/time.  I am here to help assist you to be successful in my class!