• Reading and Writing Workshop

    The workshop model is a balanced literacy approach. The structure of this model begins with a mini-lesson that is led by the teacher with an intended teaching point. During this time, connections to previous work are made, the teacher demonstrates the teaching point, and students are prompted to actively engage. Following this, students practice the specific targeted skill independently. The teacher monitors student progress by conferencing with students and leading small-group guided work. It is during this time that the teacher will be able to assess students practicing the skill independently. Last, students will have the opportunity to share out their work with their classmates and the teacher will reinforce the teaching point.

    read and write

    Units of Study for Reading: 

    • Launching Good Reading Habits
    • Print Strategies
    • Nonfiction/Informational Reading
    • Character Study
    • Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, and Fables
    • Nonfiction Reading: Content Area Science
    • Series/ Story Elements Study

    Units of Study for Writing:

    • Launching Writing Workshop
    • Small Moments
    • Nonfiction/ Informational Writing: Brochure
    • Realistic Fiction
    • Persuasive Letters
    • Nonfiction/Informational Writing in the Content Areas: Research Based 
    • Persuasive Book Reviews