• Algebra Seminar 2018-2019

    Ms. Sarah Mundhenk


    Activities and announcements will be done through Google Classroom:

    Period 3 - ssy7v3z

    Period 5 - c2kre3z


    Course DescriptionAlgebra Seminar is a support class that runs alongside Algebra 1.  We will be strengthening ideas learned in your Algebra class through repetition, exploration, cooperative learning, discovery and technology.  Chromebooks (provided) will be used frequently as an additional tool to practice Algebra procedures.   All ideas discussed will be consistent with the Common Core State Standards addressed in Algebra in preparation for the end of year PARCC exam.


    Required Text & Materials

    • Notebook (you may use the one from your Algebra 1 class)

    • Calculator - whatever you have for Algebra 1

    • Chromebook
    • A Pencil  


    Grading Policy: This is a Pass/Fail class.  This course has no assessments or homework.  The grade is based on your effort!!!  


    Late work & Make-up Policy 

    Late work will only be accepted for full credit for an excused absence or excused tardy.  Please provide the work the day you return to class.  If you miss class, you are responsible for getting the assignments from a classmate.  If you are absent on the day of a test/quiz, please be prepared to make up the quiz upon your return during your study hall or during class time.  If you know of a planned absence in advance, please see me for the missing assignment(s) for that time period. For extended absences, you will be given 2 days for every day you are absent to make up missed work. 


    Class Participation


    Classroom Expectations

    All students are expected to turn in assignments on time.

    All students are expected to follow directions and be prepared for class before it starts.

    All students are expected to be respectful of the teacher, other classmates, and the school and property of the school.


    Work Hard

    Be Kind