• ESL Grading Policy
    Students are responsible for completing the following assignments each marking period:
    Class Participation:  It is important that everyone participates in class.  Whether they are sharing with the whole class, in small groups, or individually.  English proficiency will only improve if you exhibit hard work in the classroom!
    Tests / Quizzes:  Students will have tests and quizzes to show their proficiency of learned content and vocabulary associated with various subject areas including Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  
    Projects:  Students will engage in projects throughout the school year, both individually and with partners.  Projects usually include home/family and or school/community connections and interactions to help students expand their English outside the classroom.
    Writing Porfolios:  Students will be keeping writing porfolios highlighting a variety of writing styles and genres that students will engage in during the school year.  Writing pieces will be edited, revised, and maintained in a folder to track writing progress throughout the year.  
    Journals / Binders / Notebooks:  Students will be responsible for keeping organized notes in their binders / notebooks / journals each day.  Classwork is the bulk of ESL instruction, and students need to be attentive and completing in-class assignments each and every day.  
    Homework:  Students are not provided with daily homework as they are encouraged to focus their after-school time on their core content area classes.  However, students are encouraged to practice their English language skills regularly.  I have provided many websites (see ESL links) that students can use for practice.  Students should also have a book they are reading regularly either in English OR in their first language - for suggestions, see me!