• Welcome to English 9 Replacement!

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    In this course, the students will experience a broad range of literature within our 9th grade curriculum. Readings will include fiction, non-fiction, drama, short-stories, and poetry. We will also engage in many types of writing for various purposes. The curriculum includes some core texts, such as Romeo and Juliet and The Odysessy, but also allows for some flexible choice based on student interest. 

    Some themes we will explore: 

    The Epic Story, Heroism, Survival, Coming of Age, Justice, Racism, Being True to Oneself

    Each student will work towards the Goals and Objectives listed in their IEP for reading, writing, and study skills. 

    The following values will be developed and encouraged: Self-Reflection, Perseverance, Strong Work Ethic, Collaboration, Personal Responsibility...and finally, CREATIVITY!


    Assignments are posted on Google Classroom and Genesis.

    Assignments can range from 5-50 points, based on type and scope of the work involved. For example:

    Classwork “Do Now” - 5 points

    Homework Questions or Journal - 10 points

    Quizzes - 30 points

    Tests, Projects, or Essays - 50 points


    Homework policy:

    As per Department Policy, late work may be accepted within three calendar days of a given due date, but that work will receive a 20% grade penalty.


    Needed materials

    • Binder or binder section with a folder
    • Pencils and blue or black pens
    • Charged Chromebook


    Classroom Expectations

    • Be ON TIME. 
    • Be PREPARED 
    • SUBMIT all assignments ON TIME, and be proactive in getting caught up when you are absent per the Late Work & Make-up Policy.


    Expectations for use of Technology in Class:


    •   Students will only use cell phones or personal laptops/tablets to work on assignments in class with the teacher’s permission.
    • Upon entering the classroom, students will put their electronic devices away in their backpacks and zip them up. Students will not take out the devices until they exit the classroom. Alternatively, students may lock their cell phone and air pods in their locker.
    • Cell phones will remain out of sight for the duration of the class. Students are not permitted to carry their cell phones to the restroom.
    • Students may not play games or watch movies unrelated to class assignments AT ANY POINT DURING CLASS.