• Team 6A

    Team 6A is ecstatic to declare that Eamonn “Dynamite” Dacey and Stella “the Stellar” Yin are the Leaders of the Month for October.  They are both responsible, motivated, and passionate students who come to school every day with a smile, an excitement for learning, and a dedication for going above and beyond. Eamonn and Stella both pay very close attention to details and make sure that their daily work is accurate and of the utmost quality. They are both model students that set a positive example for their peers working hard not only for themselves but to help their peers as well. They are well respected by their peers and their teachers.  Their work ethic and focus on doing well is an inspiration to team 6A fitting the definition of being a leader.

    Team 6B

    Enya Callaghan is conscientious and driven.  She is a self-starter, and she is great at cooperating and working with other students in her group.  She includes everyone in discussions, and most importantly she is kind and caring. Guilherme Dos Santos is a warm and welcoming member of our 6th-grade community.  We can always count on him to work with his peers in a positive manner. He is always enthusiastic and has a friendly smile for everyone. Both Enya and Gui truly exemplify what it means to be a leader at MJS.

    Team 7A

    Maddie Aromando:  Maddie is a great example of what it means to be a leader at MJS.  She helps out in the classroom each and every day without being asked, and she looks out for her classmates as well. While it is great that she is so helpful to others, she equally advocates for herself in a mature and responsible way, seeking help and asking questions. Maddie works hard and it shows!  Alex Patel: In two short months this year, Alex has quickly established himself as a role model for others.  He is an active, eager participant in class, and he is quick to make outside connections to class content. We are so proud of the progress Alex is making -- keep it up!

    Team 7B

    Isadora Brito Da Costa is an extremely diligent worker. As a newcomer, she is committed to her studies and the understanding of the material.  She is a critical thinker in class. She exemplifies a team player and respects everyone she comes in contact with during the day. Sam Berk is an all-around fabulous kid.  He is respectful of his peers and teachers.  He’s always lending a helpful hand; thus showing true leadership.

    Team 8A

    Izzy Kosinski - Izzy is a responsible student who goes out of her way to help classmates. Her attitude in class and in the hallway is respectful to both students and teachers. She is a true leader! Conor Heffernan - Conor takes initiative in his classes and comes prepared every day.  Conor treats everyone with respect and helps to create a positive climate in the classroom. He gives 100% in all his effort and his attitude.

    Team 8B

    Kevin Armstrong and Ava Ortman. Kevin and Ava both bring an extremely positive attitude to the classroom atmosphere. They show true leadership and respect by modeling exemplary behavior in and out of the classroom. Instead of becoming frustrated when faced with an academic challenge, they rise above and ask appropriate questions to guide their understanding.