• Madison High School      Course Expectation Sheet


    Mr. Malloy

    973-593-3117 ext. 7400



    1. Course Description:

      Students grades 9-12 are welcome to take this course. The intent of the program is to introduce and expose students to all aspects of vocal music, providing a forum in which they will learn to participate in, observe, critique and appreciate the different styles of vocal music.


    2. Required Text & Materials:

      Concert Attire (see “Concert Attire” on webpage)

      School Issued Chromebook


    3. Grading Policy:

      Attendance and Class Participation/Written Work- 50%

      Vocal Testing- 25%

      Concert Attendance- 25%

    4. Late-Work & Make-up Policy:

      Students should make every effort to not be absent from class.  The MHS Chorus is a performing group and the attendance of every member is critical to the quality of the final performances.

    5. Class Participation:It is almost impossible to NOT participate in this class. All students will be singing vocal music every day in class. Cell phone use is not acceptable and will result in a loss in participation credit for that class.
    6. Mandatory Performance Dates:

      Holiday Concert: December 12th at 7:30pm

      District Chorus Concert: February 5th  

      Spring Concert:   May 14th at 7:30pm


      Music Trip to Disney World May 20th-25th  




      Graduation:  June 19th at 6:45pm (required performance for all 9-11th graders)

    7.  Teacher Availability:

      Any day during my rotating prep (please make appointment for extra help)



    **** Honors Chorus expectations will be discussed with Honors Students.