• Madison High School      Course Expectation Sheet


    Intro to Dance

    Mr. Malloy

    973-593-3117 ext. 7400





    • Course Description:


    Students grades 9-12 are welcome to take this course. The intent of the program is to introduce and expose students to the basic fundamentals of dance. Students will learn these fundamentals through the styles of ballet, tap, and jazz.


    • Required Text & Materials:


    Tap Shoes

    Ballet Shoes OR Jazz Shoes

    Comfortable clothes for movement


    • Grading Policy:


    Class Participation- 50%

    Preparedness- 25%

    Written Work- 25%


    • Late-Work & Make-up Policy:


    If you miss class, it is up to you to find out what you missed by asking the teacher or another student outside of class.


    • Class Participation:


    To be prepared for class, students should bring the correct clothes and shoes. Students will stretch and give their best effort each day. Progress in dance is incremental and requires consistency!


    • Teacher Availability:


    Any day during my rotating prep (please make appointment for extra help)