•  Learning Strategies

    Period 7

    Room B12


    Instructor:  Ms. Viscel

    E-Mail:  viscelj@madisonnjps.org

    Webpage:  madisonpublicschools.org

    I.       Course Description:

    The course is designed to assist high school students with organization, note-taking techniques, study skills, time management and test-taking strategies. Students will learn about individual learning styles, strategies for learning, self-advocacy and social skill development.  The course will include units of study on strategic approaches to reading comprehension and vocabulary, written expression, concentration and memory techniques. Students are provided the opportunity for direct instruction, guided practice and opportunity to apply learning strategies directly to their learning.  This class can also be used for extra time on tests, quizzes and/or writing assignments and a place for students to complete make-up work if students are given permission by their subject area teacher.



    II.    Materials:


    ¨     Chromebook

    ¨      Pencils/Pens

    ¨      Highlighters

    ¨      Assignment Pad or Planner



    III. Classroom Expectations:

    ¨      Bring MHS planner to class every day to be checked.

    ¨      Be on time.  Participate in class discussions.

    ¨      Complete all assignments neatly and on time. 

    -              Update classroom calendar with upcoming assignments and assessments

    -              Have your Chromebook charged and ready for "Do Now" prompts

    IV.   Grading Policy:

    ¨      This course is a pass/fail course.  Completion of all in-class assignments and participation in classroom activities will ensure a passing grade.  Grades are calculated four times a year.  In addition, a progress report detailing mid-term performance will be sent home.

    ¨      Students may wish to send interim report notes to their subject teachers on their own accord or with encouragement from the instructor.

    V.      Late Work & Make-Up Policy:

    ¨      If work is not completed in class, students must complete the work as homework.

    VI.   Participation:

    Participation includes coming to class with required materials, completing assignments, being ready with questions for material not understood, and taking part in class discussions with relevant commentary. 


    Participation Rubric




    You are prepared for class every day.  You bring something with which to write and work to do.  You complete assigned work and reading and can demonstrate this when called upon.  You ask questions for material you do not understand.  You participate with relevant commentary freely in class discussion almost daily. 


    You are prepared for class, as described above, on most days.  You have not come to class more than a few times unprepared.  You are ready with questions or to discuss material most of the time.  You participate, as described above, much of the time. 


    You are prepared, as described above, most of the time but participate, as described above only some of the time.  You are ready with questions or to discuss material some of the time.


    You are often unprepared for class with required materials but do participate in discussion, as described above, some of the time.


    You are often unprepared for class and you do not participate.


    VII.          Teacher Availability:
    I am available for extra help in room B16B during lunch or after school.  Please make your best effort to see me as soon as you recognize that you need help--the sooner, the better!