December Newsletter



    • In November, we continued to review different strategies to help us identify unknown words.  One of the key things that we have discovered is the importance of self-monitoring our reading.  If something we read does not make any sense, we need to self-correct. When we fail to correct these errors, issues with comprehension can occur.
    • This month we immersed ourselves into Nonfiction.  We discovered how nonfiction books differ from the fiction books we have been reading.  We are currently examining all the different features of a nonfiction book and how it can help us as readers. We will also learn how to take notes when we come across important facts we want to remember.


    • The students did a wonderful job publishing one of their Small Moment stories.
    • Right now we are working on writing Nonfiction books  In this unit, we will write an All About Book on a personal topic of expertise.  Some of the topics the students picked are the following: Soccer, CAS, Baseball, Gymnastics, their pets...


    • The students have been exploring, identifying and comparing plane and solid shapes. Last week the students were introduced to the cube, sphere, cone, pyramid, rectangular prism and cylinder.  The students were amazed when they worked together to come up with a list of shapes they encounter on an everyday basis.  



    • We began our new unit called Sky Patterns. In this unit, we have been making observations of the sun and moon both during the day and night.

    Friendly Reminders

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