GET READY!



    Set up a 1 or 2 inch, 3-ring binder  in the following manner by the second time we meet.    Print out this page and use the checklist below to check off each item as you complete it.  If you prefer to use a binder for multiple classes, get two...one for periods 1-4 and one for periods 5-8.  Under your math section, you must organize it into units as specified below.  Dividers with pockets for each math unit would be sugggested.

    To Be Successful, You Must Stay Organized!


                   ___     binder with at least 5 tabs labeled UNITS 1-5..   Lined paper should be in between each tab with a two pocketed folder in between each tab.   Each folder will have homework papers on the left side and handouts for that unit on the right. (or you can hold punch all papers and place them amongst your notes as you get them).  A section of graph paper/spare lined paper should be at the back of your binder.


                   ___     Full name/class period in permanent marker or white out on front of binder.       


                   ___      Graphing Calculator (Graphing is required for all classes).  TI-84 CE preferred.  Put your name on it with sharpie and be sure to register it as explained by me.   


                   ____     3 Hole Punch (Very handy but not required.  I will have a hole punch in the classroom).


                   ___     Supply of  #2 pencils (preferably mechanical), small pencil sharpener, erasers, paper tape white out. These should be kept in or out of your binder but you must have all supplies every day.  If you prefer to use pen, it must be a GOOD erasable pen such as  FRIXION pens by PILOT....they erase great without the residue!


        ___     This page placed in front of binder signed by you and a parent/guardian.


    Signature __________________________________________



         Good Work…you are off to a great start!