Welcome to ALGEBRA 1 

          *Aside from what you read below, all communication will be done through Google Classroom.  Please check classroom daily.  Read below then join your class period now.

                Period 1:   tzealn
                Period 7:   lf5jgh (that's a lower case letter L)
     You will also need to sign into your online textbook/resources.  Go to Bigideasmath.com.  At the bottom, click "new to big ideas math" and enter your class code below carefully.
       Period 1:  NJH3-MRMY-Y24M
       Period 7:  7H8P-3G5R-TKXE
    *Don't forget your usernames & passwords...write them down!
       TEXTBOOK:    "Big Ideas" Math
                        Houghton Mifflin-Harcourt 2014


     Algebra 1 will continue your study of patterns and relationships, formalizing your knowledge, learning to use symbolic notation and connecting your understandings to the real world.  Units of study will include linear equations and inequalities, linear, absolute value, quadratic and exponential functions, systems of equations and inequalities, polynomials, radicals, and data analysis.  The curriculum is aligned the the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and encourages all learners to take an active part in meeting the standards for mathematical practices.



    -Our classroom is a place of learning.  You should enter the room quietely, prepared and ready to work.  Be in your seat by the bell.   

    -No food or hats are allowed in our classroom.  Cellphones must be silent and in your backpack.  If it is seen, it will be confiscated for you to retrieve from the main office at the end of  the school day.                                                                                         

             -Come prepared daily (charged chromebook, binder, folders, graphing calculator, pencils)                                      -

             -Participate and Respect what others have to say.  We can all learn from eachother.                                    

              -Make-up missed work (read below)

              -DO YOUR OWN WORK and Check the PORTAL and GOOGLE CLASSROOM daily.  If you don't know how to access the portal, see the front office.




             -Given 3-4 times a week and checked randomly for 2 points (complete with effort and work shown), 1 point (partially complete) or zero (incomplete/answers only without work).  

              -Odd numbered problems must be checked at the back of the book and corrections made BEFORE coming to class.

                -Active participation in all class activities is expected. "Speaker Power" means we will all respect what each other has to say and be quiet while listening actively.

            * MISSED WORK POLICY*


             - It is your responsibility to get the missed assignment from someone and/or check the portal and google classroom for missed assignments.


              -Work due or homework checked on the day of your absence is due the next day our class meets.  You must hand it directly to me.  


              -If you are absent the day BEFORE a test, you are to take the test with the class on the day you return.


             -If you miss a test day, you must take the test the day you return or discuss with me if you have multiple tests to make up.  (even if our class doesn't meet on that day).  Makeup tests can be taken during your study hall period or lunch and are found in tutorial.  Tutorial takes place in the back room of the library every period except lunch when it is in C28.


             -Make-up work for extended absences needs to be discussed with me.  School rule is “one day for every day out, not to exceed one week.”





    Grades will be determined by points accumulated on homework, classwork, tests, quizzes, projects , and extra credit.  Check your grades and make-up work frequently on the online portal.  Homework will count for 10% of your marking period grade and everything else for 90%.



             EXTRA HELP:


    Please see me to make an appointment after school or go to Tutorial period in the Media Center.     You may go to tutorial during your study periods (media center) or lunch (C28). 



            Working together, you CAN succeed but remember that “Success Only Comes Before Work Only in the Dictionary”          GOOD LUCK!