• Honors Precalculus Prerequisite Topics

    No Honors Precalculus summer packet is assigned this year. Alternately, a list of prerequisite topics is provided below. 
    Students will be encouraged to review these topics independently only if they feel it necessary. Then, we will convene in August/September 2019 and spend 2 days addressing any questions about these skills. A test will follow on day 3.
    The rationale is to keep pace with Honors Precalculus/Math Analysis courses of study across the country that begin a year by leaping directly into new material from the outset.

    Relations and Functions

    • Function Basics
    • Working with Functions
    • Function Domain and Range
    • Linear Functions: Applications
    • Graphing Functions
    • The Greatest Integer Function
    • Composite Functions
    • Quadratic Functions
    • Quadratic Functions Part 2
    • Manipulating Graphs: Shifts and Stretches

    Polynomial and Rational Functions

    • Polynomial Division
    • The Remainder Theorem
    • The Factor Theorem
    • The Rational Root Theorem
    • Zeros of Polynomials
    • Graphing Polynomials
    • Rational Functions
    • Graphing Rational Functions

    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    • Function Inverses
    • Graphing the Inverse
    • Exponential Functions
    • Applying Exponential Functions
    • Logarithmic Functions
    • Solving Logarithmic Equations
    • Properties of Logarithms
    • Applying Logarithmic Functions
    • Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
    • Applying Exponents and Logarithms

    Systems of Equations

    • Linear Systems of Equations
    • Linear Systems in Three Variables
    • Applying Linear Systems
    • Nonlinear Systems of Equations
    • Systems of Inequalities
    • Linear Programming
    • Curves of Best Fit

    Conic Sections

    • Parabolas
    • Circles

    Probability, Statistics and Sequences

    • Combinations and Probability
    • The Binomial Theorem
    • Measures of Center and Variation
    • Sequences

    Introduction to Trigonometry

    • Angles, Radian Measure, and Arc Length
    • Right Angle Trigonometry
    • The Trigonometric Functions
    • Graphing Sine and Cosine Functions with Vertical and Horizontal Shifts
    • Graphing Other Trigonometric Functions
    • Basic Trigonometric Identities


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