Summer Reading Assignment 

    You should have made a copy of the assignment during Mrs. Henry or
    Mrs. Toto's class BUT if you forgot/misplaced your assignment you
    can find the information below:

    Humanities Summer Assignment

    Humanities Summer Assignment (Modfied)

    Humanities Summer Assignment (Replacement)

    Tutorial on Summer Reading Assignment


    Over the summer, you are required to read the assigned novel provided at the end of the year.
    Electronically complete the conflict analysis and characterization chart in this packet, which are intended to guide your reading, focus your thoughts,
    and prepare you to hit the ground running when we return to school in September.

    Using your assigned novel and the conflict analysis chart you will use the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    to analyze how the various conflicts within the novel illustrate a violation of the UDHR as well as the attempts that are made to resolve these issues.
    This will be used for further assignments and discussion in class.

    I will be checking my email (ferrisk@madisonjps.org) periodically.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and I 
    will try to answer as soon as possible!


    30 minutes a day and your assignment will be completed in no time. 
    Enjoy your summer and start reading now!