• Lost/Damaged Equipment

    In the event a Chromebook, case, or charger is lost or damaged beyond repair, parents/guardians are responsible for paying the cost of replacement equipment.  Please fill out a replacement form, and deliver payment to the Madison Board office.  

    Replacement equipment is not always readily available.  Students may need to wait to receive a replacement.

    Replacements are not neccessarily brand-new.  They may have been used by other students, but remain in working order.



    Chromebook - $365.00

    Charger - $47.00

    Case - $20.00

    Other - Will be quoted by the Tech Department 


    Note: Final assessment of damage and fines is determined by the Technology Department.


    Please make checks payable to:

    Madison Public Schools

    359 Woodland Road

    Madison, NJ 07940