• Art Room Rules – A4

    Classroom Rules, Expectations and Procedures – What Mrs. Sokolowski expects from you…

    1.     Respect your peers, their artwork and their feelings.

    2.    Respect teachers, school property and supplies in the classroom.

    3.    Be on time to class.

    4.    Be prepared for class.  Bring a pencil, your sketchbook, your folder and any assignments with you every day.

    5.    You will be evaluated in terms of the effort you put forth, critique participation, art projects, quizzes and homework assignments.

    6.    Work until you are asked to clean up.  Clean-up will commence no sooner than five minutes before the end of class unless we are really making a big mess!  Clean up your area and check to see that “community areas”(for example, the sink) are clean as well.

    7.   No cell phone use (unless authorized by Mrs. S)

    8.    If you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and to discuss with me how we can work together to catch you up.

    9.    Come to class with an open mind, lots of creativity and the willingness to have fun!



    1.      Any student who does not follow the rules, expectations and procedures will receive a warning.  On the second offense it will be a call home.  The third offense will result in a write-up and a visit to the office.


        It is your decision on how well you complete your projects, classwork and homework. Your grades are a reflection upon yourself, your attitude and your willingness to try your best.  If you do not complete your work to the best of your ability, it will reflect in your grade.



    What you can expect from Mrs. Sokolowski…

    1.     I promise to offer constructive and positive feedback.

    2.    I promise to review and discuss all rubrics and parameters before an assignment is begun.

    3.    I promise to listen to your ideas and input for art projects during the school year.

    4.    I promise to foster a safe and fun environment for you to create art.

    5.    I promise to provide you with the tools you need to achieve success on an artwork, including visual examples, rubrics, supplies and resources.



    We are not all the same, nor do we possess the same interests and talents, likes or dislikes.  We do, however, all possess the ability to be positive and to put forth an honest effort, which is what will be expected.  If your attitude is positive, the class and your artwork will be great!  Thank you for your cooperation and the promise to participate to the best of your ability!  I am looking forward to an awesome year of artwork and memories in the high school art room!