Sketchbook Drawings Project

    A sketchbook is an important tool for any artist. It is a place to work out your ideas before you put them into a final project. We will keep a sketchbook this year and you will be expected to make sketches, keep notes and write thoughts.
    Each semester, you will have ten (10) drawing assignments in your sketchbook. Seven of the drawings will be assigned, while the other three can be "choice" drawings. Choice drawings can be of any subject matter you choose. Each drawing will be worth ten points and the sketchbook will be worth 100 points at the end of the semester.
    I will grade each drawing on creativity and effort. I expect you to spend at least 30 minutes on each drawing. Unless otherwise noted, the drawing should be fully shaded or colored.
    We will use our sketchbooks in class to practice techniques and ideas. These drawings should be separate from your assignments and do not count towards your choice drawings or sketchbook assignments.  Please make sure each assignment is clearly labeled and marked.
    You are more than welcome to make other drawings in your sketchbook. In fact, I encourage you to draw, write or collage in your sketchbook whenever you feel inspired! Any material beyond the assignments will not be graded. So, please feel free to use your sketchbook to express your creativity. Please remember though, all contents of the sketchbook must be school appropriate.
    Remember - have fun in your sketchbook! I want to see your ideas and creativity!
    (see the FORMS tab for links to the sketchbook assignments list)