• Course Descriptions

    Art Studio  1 semester - Grades 9-12

    Art studio is designed to provide a foundation for students who intend to study fine art and build a portfolio as well as those students who wish to take the class for personal enrichment. This comprehensive art course is predominantly studio (production) oriented but also integrates aesthetics, art criticism and art history as they relate to various studio projects. This general art course provides students with  foundation in introductory drawing, painting and two or three-dimensional design.


    Drawing 1 semester  - Grades 10-12

    This course will emphasize and assist students in developing the skills and techniques required to produce drawings with a high degree of “likeness” to the observed subjects. Emphasis is placed on learning techniques to create the illusion of three-dimensional space in a two dimensional format. The students will learn to work directly from still-life setups, utilize photographic references, and lighting. In addition to exploring the use of line, value and shape as tools to represent their environment objectively, students will also learn how to incorporate subjective elements such as “mood” or “expression” in their drawings.


    Painting 1 semester  - Grades 10-12

    This course assumes an intermediate to high degree of prior skill and proficiency with respect to drawing ability. Painting further develops the principles and techniques learned in Drawing with emphasis on color. Students will utilize both opaque and transparent color media such as watercolor and acrylic paint. This course is highly recommended for students planning to take Advanced Art Studio and Art Major. It is predominantly production (studio) oriented. Students are introduced to concept of art history, art criticism, and aesthetics as they relate to studio projects.


    Honors Advanced Art Studio (Pre - AP)  1 year - Grades 11 or 12

    Prerequisites: Art Studio, Drawing, Painting or approval of the instructor

    Honors Advanced Art Studio is a higher level art course for students with an interest in building a portfolio and who intend to take AP Studio Art the following year. This comprehensive course is production (studio) oriented. The projects and activities assume a high degree of prior knowledge and skill and proficiency with a variety of media. Students who have taken the necessary prerequisites are well equipped for this course. The projects will focus on advanced drawing, painting, and two dimensional design. Each project will integrate aesthetics, art criticism, and art history.


    AP Studio Art  1 year - Grades 11 or 12

    Prerequisites: Honors Pre-AP

    AP Studio Art is a year long advanced placement level course for students who are seriously interested in the experience of art making. This course will encourage creative investigation of formal and conceptual issues in the visual arts. The course is predominantly a studio course, with the main focus being on creation of visual art. It will emphasize that art making is an ongoing process and it will involve the student in critical analysis of artwork. Students will frequently participate in the critique of their own work as well as their peers and the work of historical and contemporary artists. This course will encourage students to become independent thinkers who will contribute inventively and critically to their culture through art making. Various 2D media and technical skills will be addressed throughout the course.Students may need to work on projects outside of the scheduled class meeting times. The keeping of a sketchbook or visual journal is also expected.

    AP Studio Art is not based on a written exam, but instead students submit portfolios for evaluation near the end of the course. AP student work should reflect three areas of concern: quality (selected works), concentration (sustained investigation) and breadth (variety of approaches). These three areas will make up the portfolio that is evaluated by the college board. Students may choose to submit to the 2D Design portfolio or the Drawing portfolio. Summer projects are also required, as it will give students more time to contribute to the development of their portfolios. Students will also be required to have an exhibit of the work in their portfolio.