Course Description: Art Studio is designed to provide a foundation for students who intend to study fine art and build a portfolio, as well as those students who wish to take the class for personal enrichment. This comprehensive art course is predominantly studio (production) oriented and also integrates aesthetics, art criticism, and art history as they relate to the various studio projects. This general art course provides students with a foundation in introductory drawing, color theory, and two-dimensional design.


    Materials: Please have a #2 Pencil with an eraser at all times as well as your sketchbook.


    Classroom Expectations: My number one rule is respect. I ask that you respect yourself, your colleagues and the classroom environment. Class participation is paramount as this is a studio class. My goal for each of you is that you would grow as a visual artist creating artwork that represents your best effort and shows your individual growth over the course of the semester.


    Grading Policy: Your grade will be based on the following categories - Participation, Interest & Attitude, Art Critique, Sketchbook, and Final Projects. 


    Late Work & Make-up Policy: Throughout the marking period, when students are absent they are expected to schedule time during their study hall, tutorial, after school or at home, to work on their assignments to make up for the studio time they have missed. Students will receive a grace period (usually equivalent to the instructional time missed) in order to get caught up. If a student chooses not to use the grace period effectively, thus falling farther behind on a project, it can negatively impact the student’s grade. Students who miss a deadline on a project due to circumstances WITHIN their control, such as, not utilizing studio time or grace periods effectively, may not use class time to finish their projects. It will be the student’s responsibility to obtain the necessary supplies from me to work at home, during study hall, lunch or during tutorial to finish the assignment. Under these circumstances the student will be given a final make-up due date and a late penalty will be in effect. If the student demonstrates incredible initiative, an excellent work ethic, and artistic accomplishment in completing the late assignment, the instructor reserves the right to waive part of the late penalty. No projects will be accepted after the close of the marking period. 


    Class Participation: Active class participation is essential in this studio–based class. Most if not all work is done during class time. The art projects are designed so that students who are conscientious about using class time wisely should have no trouble completing projects.


    Major Assignments: Introduction to Line Drawing, Using Value, Linear Perspective (using 1 or 2 vanishing points), Color Theory, Using Shape and Abstraction, Drawing the facial features, and Elements and Principles of Design.


    Technology in Class:

     Students are required to follow these rules regarding use of technology devices during class. Consequences include the loss of privileges in class, and the confiscation of personal devices.

    All cell phones should be kept out of sight (in backpack or purse) and be silenced. 

    You may use cell phones to work on assignments in class, only with the teacher’s permission.