Course Description: This course will emphasize and assist students in developing the skills and techniques required when creating drawings with a high degree of “likeness” to the observed subject. Emphasis is placed on learning techniques to create the illusion of three-dimensional space in a two-dimensional format. The students will learn to work directly from observation and how to utilize photographic references and lighting. In addition to exploring the use of line, value and shape as tools to represent their environment objectively, students will also learn how to incorporate subjective elements such as “mood” or expression in their drawings.


    Materials: Please have a #2 Pencil with an eraser and your sketchbook with you at all times. A set of Drawing pencils would be beneficial, but is not necessary. We will work with pencil, graphite, conte crayons, colored pencil and charcoal.


    Classroom Expectations: I ask that you respect yourself, your colleagues and the classroom environment. Class participation is paramount as this is a studio class. My goal for each of you is that you would grow as a visual artist creating artwork that represents your best effort and shows your individual growth over the course of the semester.


    Grading Policy: Your grade will be based on the following categories - Participation, Interest & Attitude, Art Critique, Sketchbook, and Final Projects. 


    Late Work & Make-up Policy: Throughout the semester, when students are absent they are expected to schedule time during their study hall, tutorial, or after school, to work on their assignments to make up for the Drawing time they have missed. Students will receive a grace period beyond the due date for a project to turn the assignment in without a late penalty. Projects submitted after the grace period will be subject to a penalty. After the grace period has expired students may not use class time to finish their projects. It will be the student’s responsibility to obtain the necessary supplies from me to work at home, during study hall, lunch or during tutorial to finish the assignment.  No projects will be accepted after the close of the marking period. 


    Class Participation: Active class participation is essential in Drawing class. Students are expected to fully utilize class time each day to work on the current assignment. Participation in class critiques is necessary as it helps students develop their ability to discuss their artwork and that of their peers.


    Technology in Class:

     Students are required to follow these rules regarding use of technology devices during class. Consequences include the loss of privileges in class, or the confiscation of personal devices.


    All cell phones should be kept out of sight (in backpack or purse) and be silenced. 

    You may use cell phones to work on assignments in class, only with the teacher’s permission.