Welcome to AP Computer Science!

  • Welcome to AP Computers Science!

     Email:  krysan@madisonnjps.org


    This year students will be learning to program in Java.  The class will follow the AP Computer Science A Curriculum. The class focuses on coding and algorithms, but will also include why coding is important and applications of different codes.


    Unit 1: Introduction to Java

    Unit 2: Conditionals and Loops

    Unit 3: Strings and 1D Arrays

    Unit 4: Methods

    Unit 5: User Defined Classes

    Unit 6: Advanced Classes

    Unit 7: Algorithms

    Unit 8: Two-Dimensional Arrays



    Homework will be 10% of the class grade. The rest of the 90% is divided among projects/labs, quizzes, and tests.  This is based on a point system.


    Teacher Availability: 

    I am available during period 7 Tutorial, during lunch, and before or after 7 upon request. Because I do not have a permanent classroom, it is best to email me to set up a location ahead of time (or try wandering the C hallway and I might be there.)




    Google Classroom




    Various other websites will be added during the year as students programming knowledge advances.