(Livello Uno)

     Benvenuti to your first year of studying the Italian language!  Throughout the course of the year, we will be studying Italian by using all modalities of communication:  listening, speaking, reading and writing.  There will be a heavy emphasis on building vocabulary and learning essential grammar structures in the present tense.  In addition to language acquisition, we will also enjoy learning about Italy across many different subject matters:  art, food, music, economics, history, fashion and current events. 
    Our year of Italian I will cover the first six Chapters of your Sentieri textbooks.  Here are some brief communicative highlights of each chapter (please see the Compiti link for specific homework assignments)


     Capitolo Uno (Come va?):
    • Greet someone new and engage in conversation
    • Mirror native-like pronunciation
    • Understand cultural greetings
    • Request information
    • Answer simple questions
    Capitolo Due (Alla facolta'):
    • Identify classroom objects
    • Exchange information in specific content formats
    • Ask for clarification
    • Gather information with simple questions
      Answer simple questions regarding surroundings 
    Capitolo Tre (Il Tempo Libero):
    • Discuss personal activities and passions 
    • Express likes/dislikes/preferences
    • Identify cultural impact of sports
    • Gather information using higher-level questions
      Understand cultural icons 
    Capitolo Quattro (Che Tempo Fa Oggi?):
    • Understand weather patterns
    • Predict the weather 
    • Comprehend elements of native broadcasts
    • Create and present original content 
    Capitolo Cinque (La Famiglia):
    • Identify and describe family members 
    • Discuss relationships in detail
    • Identify the cultural importance of family
      Identify the shifting dynamics of family
     Capitolo Sei (Come sono?):
    • Identify and describe personality attributes
    • Express opinions and elaborations
    • Ask for more specific information
    • Respond to open questions