• We have scheduled a few eciting field trips this year. Mrs. Lade, Miss kennedy and myself worked over the summer to create a field trip that ties into our science and social studies program. We will be attending the Turtleback Zoo on Friday, October 11th. During the trip we will be attending a class given by the zoo specialists as well as participating in a "Zoo wide" scavenger hunt. Students will be required to bring a bagged lunch with their name on it. Parents are encouraged to spend this day with us and have an educationally fun time. 

    We have also scheduled a trip to the Thomas Edison Lab in West Orange, NJ. The classes have been scheduled seperately. Thise date are Friday, March 6.....Thursday, March 19 and

    Friday, March 27. These are morning trips and we return to school no later than 1:00-1:30. Students will eat lunch when they return to school.  (So bring a snack to have before the trip.)

    Our last field trip will be to The Lost River Cavern sometime in June. Details to follow.